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Horse racing handicapping betting system & betting skills book from master handicapper, mathematician & author, Gordon Easton will sharpen and improve your handicapping skills and increase winning results at the track… for serious horse race fanatics across the globe… Guaranteed!

How a simple alternative betting strategy

at any horse racing track on the planet.

The first weekend at the track after reading your book (Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic) I won $2,600.00! Thanks for all the great info.

The thunder of horses hooves the surging roar of the crowd the heart-stopping excitement of watchingyourhorse run its heart out for a really big win.

No wonder they call horse racing the Sport of Kings.

In fact the only thing more exciting than a day at the races is to walk away from the track with a big fat chunk of winning cash in your pocket!

Unfortunately its a pleasure few ever get to experience.

And, thats sad because theres nothing quite like it in the world.

If you think that losing at the track is a fact of life… then think again.

Mypowerful mathematical betting formulasandproven handicapping secretsare time-tested and proven.

They will let youcover more horses… andmore possible outcomes… for every dollar you bet.

You will win more money starting the very next time you play… Guaranteed.

Just a few days ago… I was cashing some winning tickets at my hometown track… Santa Anita… when a fellow race fan approached me.

Gosh Gordon… another IRS signup? I dont know yow you do it.

Hed just won the Exacta himself for $82.50, and was pretty happy. That is, until he saw me cashing in a $2,520.20 Trifecta win for the very same race.

You see… Id covered the same Exacta bet as he had… but had also thrown a couple long shots into the mix and played the Trifecta as well… using one of my own special betting configurations.

He was downright crestfallen to find out that by betting just a couple dollars more that he had… Id put an extra $2,510.20 into my pocket.

How is it that somebody can go to the track all those years, and never win big enough to have an IRS sign-up?

These people probably dont really trust their own handicapping.

They play the horses that are picked in the newspapers the tip sheets or the favorites on the Tote Board.

They are only betting the hot horses the hot jockeys and the hot trainers. They may cash a lot of tickets but they are probably cashing small ones.

They have never bothered to learn how to pick the type of horses that lead to really big payoffs.

For example, I just cashed another Trifecta ticket a few days ago for $1,442.30.

It was only a seven-horse field. And boy was I happy to see my three horses go off at the longest odds on the board.

(I had also included the favorite as insurance but he blew the turn and finished out of the money.)

You see I pick the horses I like. And, I dont get scared away if they are not the popular choices.

In fact, I take a long second look at the horses that most fans dismiss because thats where the real money is!

Maybe thats why Ive been described as One of the most daring and innovative handicappers on the planet.

How about you? How would you like to start winning serious money at the track?

You must arm yourself with the tools you will need to pick winning Long Shot contenders.

You must also use optimum betting strategy to fully maximize your winnings.

In fact, this is the fastest and easiest way to get more winnings at the track starting the very next time you place a bet.

And, it will take me but a few short minutes of your time to show you how.

First of all, I will provide you with a complete set of powerful, proven, and easy-to-follow betting formulas.

These will let you cover more horses for every dollar you bet when handicapping anything from a few boxed-in favorites to such high-payoff combination tickets as Trifectas and Pick Sixes.

Re: Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic

I believe this material needs more than reading, it should be studied and practiced. The author is certainly knowledgeable about the secrets of winning. For any serious horseplayer who is self taught or those who aspire to collect money from the recetracks, armed with just these techniques a loser could become a winner. I would heartily endorse this author.

Moreover… these mathematically precise betting configurations can be easily adapted for play at any horseracing track in the world.

Now Even the Modest Player Has a Chance to Win a Pick Six

As you know, when going for a Pick Six, putting all of your winning selections on a single ticket is the only way to guarantee a ticket with all six winners. Unfortunately, this can cost a fortune.

However, by using my formulas you can cover a wide selection of horses for a minimal cost.

Best of all… if you get a winner in each race, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one ticket. And that will put you in the money.

For example: Playing three horses in four races and a single selection in two races will cost the uninitiated player $162.00.

But, I will show you a simple way to cover these same bets for just $18.00.

And, if any one of these 81 possible combinations comes in you are covered meaning you will line up either five or six on one ticket!

Sound too good to be true? Let me assure you otherwise. Its solid gold real. And, time and time again it has worked for me!

In fact, I have cashed in more than 200 Pick-Fives and a slew of Pick Sixes including a Pick Six on a Monday and another Pick Six the following Monday… and cashed in on hundreds of consolations as well!

Add to that a great many Trifectas and Exactas… and more IRS sign-ups than I care to remember.

And, this is just the beginning of the powerful winning secrets that I lay on the table.

Youll soon be reading the Racing Form with a whole new set of eyes!

Heres some of what you will find in Handicapping Secrets of the Horseracing

Hey Gordon, I bought your book recently and it is wonderful. Thanks, Khan – San Diego

Fanatic:Optimumbetting strategies… and easy-to-follow plug and play betting formulasfor every type of wager.

How to avoid the nine most common betting mistakes that 99% of all horse racing fans make.

Even the best horse in a race will not always win. Use this betting strategy for insurance when the unexpected happensand to win even more money when the expected outcome does occur.

players make, and an alternative strategy that will guarantee you a lot more wins!

paid $2,510.20. Find out how a couple extra dollars wagered, using this simple betting configuration, could put a huge chunk of extra cash into your pocket.

It youre short on time, use this simple tactic to maximize your winnings.

Identifying weak favorites in a race can make other horses a bargain. Heres what to look for and how to take maximum advantage of such a situation.

This little-known bit of advice will double your chances of discovering those young horses most likely to win while they can still put a fortune in your pocket.

Look for this one idiosyncrasy when betting on

. It will vastly increase your odds of winning.

Some simple advice on how to avoid the All-Or-Nothing Syndrome.

in knowing when a Long Shot is ready to run its very best race and upset the pack.

How Workout Patterns can alert you to whether-or-not a horse is going to lag or go for the gold.

For many race fans the confusion caused by differences between tracks pace distances etc., seems daunting.

This is why many players feel more comfortable playing the favorites off the tip sheets tote boards etc, when handicapping their races.

Unfortunately, this is not how those who bring home the big money wagering on horse racing do it.

It takes guts to go against the grain and put your money down on a Long Shot or two or throw a dark horse into a mix of favorites.

And you will need the right betting mindset, formulas, and strategies to make it happen.

One tool that can help handicappers of all skill levels is the Beyer Speed Ratings (also calledBeyer Numbers)that you will find prominently displayed in theDaily Racing Form.

Ideally, these numbers can be used to compare horses that have raced at different tracks, different distances, and different type racing conditions (mud, fast, etc.)

Understanding how to use this rating system is especially important, because of the fact that a large percentage of winners come from the three horses in a race with the highest Beyer Numbers.

However, because it is tedious and time-consuming to add up all of the numbers for each horse and average them, many players cannot be bothered with taking advantage of this powerful tool.

Thats because they dont know the little trick I will show you to simplify this process that makes all of these complex calculations unnecessary.

Moreover, it is important to understand the systems weaknesses as well as its strengths. Thats why I cover theBeyer Rating Systemextensively in my book. Ill show you:

Which Beyer numbers are the most reliable and which the least?

How likely is a horse to repeat the same Beyer Number in its next race and if so under what conditions?

What you will need to know besides the Beyer Numbers to get to the bottom of a horses true abilities and potential.

How to get some good payoffs by betting against the horses with the highest Beyer Numbers, when one or more of the following six circumstances are present!

Though a large number of winners can be found among the top three Beyer Figure earners by no means do you want to throw-out all of the others contenders in a race. Follow this important advice when putting your betting strategy together using Beyer Figures.

Beyer Numbers are good but not foolproof. Do not make the mistake of relying on them when the following five conditions exist!

Why many horses with the highest Beyer Numbers do not win, and what to look for to avoid burning up your betting money on these.

Three powerful Spot Plays using Beyer Figures that can give you the winning edge.

Eight very important factors to always consider when using Beyer Figures to pick your horses to maximize your winnings and cut your losses.

By now youve probably figured out that what I am offering here is not one of those five-minute betting systems that promise instant riches.

This is serious knowledge for the serious player whether new to the track or the most experienced handicapper.

Moreover this vital knowledge goes far beyond mathematical formulas and betting strategies.

And far beyond understanding the best handicapping methods, tips, and resources.

You will also learn those insiders secrets that can make all the difference between a mediocre day at the track or walking away with your pockets lined with cash.

Take for an example that invaluable information that only a trainer knows about a horse and the detective work you can use to uncover this information for yourself and use it to your advantage, including:

• The clues to look for to uncover trainer secrets, maneuvers, and subterfuge to know when a horse is about to break loose and surprise the racing world with a long odds win against all expectations.

• If a horse is a notorious fader the trainer may put the horse into a longer race and put on a jockey who is good at rating horses (getting them to relax and save some of their speed for the end.) But dont bet on this pony quite yet. Heres how to know when this horse is ready for a win.

• How to know when a horse has been held back, and may be ready for a win.

• Two unusual psychological factors to look for that have brought me some nice big winners in the past!

Every horse racing fan knows the story of Seabiscuit… the scrappy little horse with a big heart that captured the hearts and imagination of all of America, back in the days of the great depression.

But did you know he went off at 70-to-1 his first raceeven though he came out of seriously respectable bloodlines and showed great promise during his workouts?

And there are hundreds more stories like these. Great horses with names like Seattle Slew… Man O War… Aly Sheba… Native Dancer… Foolish Pleasure… Regret… Desert Vixen… and Secretariat.

Legends of the racing world that were once unknowns. Long Shots going off at great odds, only to break loose from the pack, to put the savvy few into the gold.

But the odds dont stay high long with horses like these. Or even for those many more horses that may never achieve greatness… but who are ready to make their own run for the winners circle… because of one special factor or the other.

Thats why you must learn how to discover promising Long Shots early on… while they still offer the kind of odds that can bring serious winnings to those smart enough to take a closer second look.

And thats where we get to the real heart of the mattermy numerous strategies to uncover potential winning Long Shot contenders in a race.

No matter how good you are, the Trifecta is a hard bet to win with great frequency. Thats why you want to collect a nice big one from time to time. In fact, one big Trifecta can put you ahead on the bet for years.

In this regard, one good-size long shot can make all of the difference in the world, especially in light of one very important fact:

At Least One Long Shot Among the First Three Finishers

And… thats but one example of how important knowing how to pick winning Long Shots is to any horse racing fan who wants to experience that powerful rush of excitement that only a really big win can bring!

• Three super strategies to help uncover one or more Long Shot contenders in a race.

• When looking for Long Shots be particularly aware of change. The more changes the better. Use this simple criteria to quickly narrow the field and know what Long Shots rate a closer look.

• One of the most surprising factors that emerged in our study was the number of Long Shots that came in after switching tracks. Here are the factors that made the winning difference.

• Another factor that produces some great Long Shots is the hidden class drop. Here is the best way to find these.

• Consider this: Many two-year-olds show considerable improvement in their second start. What you should look for in breeding, workouts, etc., before you put your money down.

• A drop in classhidden or obviouscan sometimes do the trick and is even more significant when coupled with this one important factor.

• A distance change alone can put your Long Shot in the money. Heres how a look at breeding can help you determine if a horse fits the bill.

• Watch out for these two switches that will often lead to disappointing results.

• A horse that has only raced on the turf now switches to dirt. Most fans assume that this is a risky bet. Use this quick analysis of workouts to know if this horse is likely to win. It will show you what past performance cant!

• A young horse is an unknown quality. Even if its first couple races show little, there is always a chance that it may turn out to be a turf specialist, a mud lover, or a distance runner. Heres how past performance lines can help you determine when such a horse is about to break loose and go for the gold.

• If you study a horses past performance, you should get some clues as to what this horse prefers in the way of distance. Heres exactly what to look for when assessing how well a horse will run in the race you are handicapping.

• Weight: When is it significant and when is it meaningless?

• And, many more factors you should look for that will help you discover serious Long Shot contenders.

This is my own proprietary method for predicting winners when the usual handicapping absolutes say no. Revealed here for the first time anywhere!

One of the keys to picking long shots is trying to detect patterns or cycles in the past performances of those horses that only run their best when it suits them.

Use this simple handicapping strategy to know when this kind of horse is ready to run for the money.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in horse racing this can be especially true and worth some big money in your pocket too!

It will help you learn secrets about a horse that no handicapper can ever discover from past performance workouts or anywhere else.

This has helped me pick some serious long odds contenders that have gone on to astound the racing world with wins.

I will show you exactly what to look for and how to keep track of this exceptionally valuable information that can help you put a whole lot of sweet cash winnings in your pocket as it has in mine.

Spot Play 1 The beauty of my own special spot play is not only its effectiveness, but also the fact that it will help you pinpoint horses that most people would overlook. Thats because its based on a concept opposite of what one would expect. Follow these three simple rules to make this your special Spot Play too!

Spot Play 2The Claiming Pattern: When a trainer claims a horse, it is because the trainer feels that the horse can win at that class level or above. Follow these Four Rules to know when such a horse is likely to be a winner for you!

Spot Play 3The Tote Pattern: When a large amount of money is bet on a hot horse the result is that the odds on the rest of the horses in the race will normally go up. However, when the hot horse phenomenon occurs there is often a much better bet in the race. Follow this one simple rule to know when and how to cash in big when the timing is right.

Spot Play 4 Horses Ready to Fire inMaiden Races: Look for these conditions and patterns to know when a maiden horse is ready to put some money in your pocket.

Spot Play 5Abrupt Reversal Tip-off Play: When a 50-to-1 Long Shot scores after running several poor races, most people are left scratching their heads and wondering what happened! While not all such upsets can be predicted a certain percentage of them can! Heres the tip-off!

Soon… you will have gained the kind of winning confidence that arming yourself with effective handicapping knowledge can bring.

All you need now is a way to get more coverage for your racing dollar… and a shot at the granddaddy of all wins… the Pick Six!

(Especially after its rolled over a few times into a life-changing fortune.)

Gordon Eastons Pick-Six Formulas and other betting strategies are quite literally worth a fortune to any serious fan of horse racing. Add in the rest of the handicapping expertise he has picked up along the way, and you have a resource that no one who plays the ponies can afford to be without. Recommended without reservation! – Jay M. – Arlington, VA

Heres where a touch of mathematical genius kicks in to make you a serious contender.

By using the following formulas, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one ticket, if you get a winner in each race. And you will have a better-than-decent chance at getting a Pick Six.

Just plug in your picks for each race… and buy your tickets. Its that simple.

Formula 1- Covers four horses in one race three horses in three races and two singles (your most likely winners). To put all of these horses on one ticket would cost you $216. Using my formula, you can achieve the same coverage for only $24.

Formula 2- Three horses in four races and one horse in two races. The cost is $18.00.

Formula 3- Two horses in every race. The cost is $32.00.

Formula 4- Two horses in five races and three horses in one race. The cost is $48.00.

Formula 5- Two horses in five races and one horse in one race. The cost is $16.00.

Formula 6- Five horses in one race three horses in three races and one horse in two races. The cost is only $30.00.

Formula 7- Four horses in two races three horses in two races and one horse in two races. The cost is $32.00.

Formula 8- Two horses in four races and one horse in the other two. The cost is $8.00.

Formula 9- Two horses in one race three horses in four races and one horse in the remaining race. The cost is $36.00.

Formula 10- Two horses in two races and three horses in four races. The cost is $72.00.

Formula 11- Six horses in two races three horses in two races one horse in two races. Nine ticketsat $8.00 each = $72.00.

Horse Racing may be the Sport of Kings, but you dont have to be royalty to go home with all the money in your pocket.

Lady Luck has no preference. And it is that combination of luck, horse sense, and handicapping skill that determines who will walk away a winner.

And thats exactly what I offer you today. Genuine winning magic… born of higher mathematics combined with my forty years of fanatical devotion to the sport of horse racing.

Just listen to what one very real horse racing fan has to say about my books.

I received your package today and was I surprised. Initially, I was looking for the plays on the pick six but actually evaluated them last. I would almost swear that I was privileged to look at an experienced horseplayers soul. WOW! I am sure that you are aware that some of the information (tips) is alone worth more than the total cost of the package. I would highly recommend your package to all horseplayers.

Thank you so much for providing good information to another horseplayer.

By now you must realize the incredible edge this kind of advanced handicapping knowledge will give you… starting the very next time you bet at the track.

In fact… if you love to play the horses… buying my book may be the best investment you will ever make.