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Prep racesup next on the Road to Kentucky Derby 143 is theSam F. Davis Tampa Bay Downs on Saturday Feb. 10th.with 10-4-2-1 Derby Points on the line.

After 29 years of using the graded stakes earnings system to determine the 20 horse Derby field, 2013 was the first year Churchill Downs switched to the tiered points based system that would be accumulated over a 35 race series. The previous system include 185 Graded Stakes races where earnings could be accumulated.

In those five years, the Point System has produced five post time FAVORITES as the Kentucky Derby winner!

Prior to that there were ONLY 3 winning Favorites in the previous 12 years!

The Point system de-values the 2-year old racing campaign and places more value in the final prep races known as the Big 6.These races are also known as the 100 Point races as the winner earns 100 Derby Points and automatic entry to theRun for the Roseson the first Saturday in May!

The Point system also eliminates sprint races from the qualifying prep races(which may NOT have been a good thing).

New this year is theEuropean Road to the Derbyprep races. One spot in the Kentucky Derby field will be reserved for the Top Point earner in a six race series held in Europe at six different tracks. If none of the European horses come over to run, their reserved spot will revert back to the U.S. Points Leaderboard.

For the year there is theJapan Road to the Derbyprep races. One spot in the Kentucky Derby field will be reserved for the Top Point earner in a three race series held in Japan. If none of the Japan horses come over to run, their reserved spot will revert back to the U.S. Points Leaderboard.

To see the current list ofTop 2018 Derby Point Leaders click here.

However, it is not necessary to win one of those 15 big prep races to get in. By finishing 2nd or 3rd in just 1 or 2 prep-races you should earn enough points to finish in the top 20.

In 2010 the Kentucky Derby winnerSuper Saverdid not win any of the 3-year old Prep-races but still had enough earnings by finishing 2nd in the Arkansas Derby after having won the KY Cup Juvenile in his 2-year old campaign. He would still make the Derby field under the new Points system!

Other recent Kentucky Derby winners who did not have a 3-year old Prep-race win areMine That Bird(50-1),Giacomo(50-1) andFunny Cide(12-1) … ALL of whom would still make the Kentucky Derby starting gate in under the new Point system!Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pools

For the third year, Churchill Downs added a Future Wager Pool based onSiresof whom ever the Derby winner will be! It also has 24 entries with All Others being the 24th.

Sire Pool of the Kentucky Derby Future Wagerclosed with $27,731 being wagered.

TheAll Othersclosed as the co-favorite at (5-1) along withMedaglia dOronext wasCurlinat (6-1) followed byTapitat (8-1).

Pool 1 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wagerclosed with $177,103 being wagered.

TheFieldclosed as the odds on favorite at (6/5).Bolt dOroat (7-1) followed byGood Magicfinished as the 2nd favorite at (11-1) followed byMcKinzie(12-1).

Click here to see a complete list of thefinal Pool 1 Derby Future Wager odds.

Click here to watchvideo replays of the major Kentucky Derby Prep races.

The majorDerby Prep raceshave created a lot of questions during the lead up to May 6 that has left us all confused with the inconsistency and lack of clarity!One thing that does not change very much over the years is theProven Winning Derby Profile.Year-in and year-out, theWinning Derby Profileproves itself. The Winning Profile consists of the horses 2-year old and 3-year old racing campaigns and their pedigree lines.Yes, a horse can have racedtoo muchortoo littlein their 2 and 3-year old campaigns.If the horse does not have the proper amount of conditioning and experience, it becomes justtoo difficultfor them to win the difficult 1 1/4 Mile distance of the Kentucky Derby!(however this is changing somewhat with the new Point system)

Pedigree is critical to having a legitimate shot at winning the Kentucky Derby.Buckpasser, War Admiral, Mahmoud, Nassrullah, Raise A Native, Phalaris are ALLcriticalbloodlines to have, if you want to win the 1 1/4 Mile distance of the Kentucky Derby as a 3-year old!

Did you knowthat 39 of the last 60 1st and 2nd place finishers had the passing of the X-Chromosomes of War Admiral or Mahmoud in the correct position for inheritance?

That is correct, Nyquist (2016 – $6.60), American Pharoah (2015 – $7.80), California Chrome (2014 – $7.00), Orb (2013 – $12.80), Animal Kingdom (2011 – $43.80), Super Saver (2010 – $18.00), Big Brown (2008 – $6.80), Street Sense (2007 – $11.80), 2006 (Barbaro – $14.20), 2004 (Smarty Jones – $10.20), 2003 (Funny Cide – $27.60), 2002 (War Emblem – $43.00), 2001 (Monarchos – $23.00).

Last year 3 of the top 4 finishers,Lookin At Lee,Battle of MidwayandClassic Empirehad the Large-Heart pedigree trait.

In 2016 Nyquist,Gun Runnerand Mohaymen all carried this pedigree trait.

In 2015American Pharoah, Firing Line and Dortmund ALL had the Large-Heart pedigree trait.

In 2013 the top (3) finishers ALL had the Large-Heart pedigree trait. The Exacta paid $981 and the $1 Trifecta paid $3,463!

In 2010 the 4 Top finishers ALL hadthe X-Chromosome of War Admiral or Mahmoud. The Trifecta paid $1,169 for a $1 wager and the $1 Superfecta paid a whopping $101,285!

In 2002 ALL 4 of the top finishers had the Large-Heart trait in their pedigree. The Exacta paid $1,300, Trifecta was $18,373 and the Superfecta returned $91,764 ………

The X-Chromosome is known as the Large-Heart trait which allows for pumping more oxygen to the blood.

Secretariats 31 length romp in the Belmont Stakes is attributed to him having this

pedigree trait! After his death an autopsy was done and it was determined that his heart weighed 22 lbs. The normal thoroughbred heart weighs 8 lbs.

Did you knowthat 21 of the past 31 Derby(s) a horse withBuckpasserin the proper position of their bloodline Won or Came in 2nd? (13 of those won)?

The 2016 winnerNyquisthad this CRITICAL pedigree!

In 2015American Pharoahand the 4th place finisherFrostedhad the Buckpasser pedigree.

In 2010 BOTH Super Saver and Ice Box carried this bloodline.

In 2002 BOTH the winner & 2nd Place horses, War Emblem and Proud Citizen had the Buckpasser bloodlines and the Exacta paid $1,300 and the Trifecta was $18,373. The Derby winner paid $43.00 and the Place payoff for Proud Citizen was $24.60!

BOTH the Derby winner and 2nd Place horses, Funny Cide and Empire Maker traced back to

and the Exacta paid $97.00 Just imagine if you had made a $20 Exacta bet … you would have gotten back $970.00! The winner Funny Cide paid $27.60 for every $2 wager.

In 2005, the year of the biggest upset in over 100 years (Giacomo won at 50-1) the 2nd Place horse Closing Argument had the

bloodline and he paid $70.00. The Giacomo / Closing Argument Exacta paid $9,814.80!

when Barbaro won, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers traced back to Buckpasser. Bluegrass Cat paid $28.40 to Place. The Exacta paid $587.00, Trifecta was $11,418.40 and with a deadheat for 4th, the Superfecta(s) paid $42,430.20 and $29,919.50!

9 of the last 15 Derby winners had this pedigree. Always Dreaming (2017), Nyquist (2016), American Pharoah (2015), Super Saver (2010), Big Brown (2008), Street Sense (2007), Giacomo (2005), Funny Cide (2003) and Monarchos (2001).

In 2016 the top 4 finishers had this pedigree bloodline factor. The Exacta paid $30.60, Trifecta was $173 and the Superfecta paid $1,084.

In 2003 ALL 4 of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers also had this pedigree bloodlines. The Exacta paid $97.00, Trifecta was $664.80 and the Superfecta paid $2,795.80.

Do you think it would be advantageous to your handicapping process to know which Kentucky Derby runners had these pedigree lines?

important when selecting your Derby horses. It proves itself year after year after year. Yet Millions of dollars are wagered every year on horses that do NOT have the pedigree necessary to win the Kentucky Derby!

If you do not know how to determine a horses bloodlinesthat arenecessaryfor winning the Kentucky Derby which requires a horse to have the stamina to last the 1 1/4 Mile distance, then you need to get thenow!

With the 20 horse field size of the Kentucky Derby, the chances of seeing amajor upsetwith longshot runners finishing in the top 4 are very, very high!

The 2005 payouts set all-time records with over $100 Million being wagered on the Derby race for the 1st time and the $864,253 payout for the $1 Superfecta set an all-time North American record.

The large payouts are a result of the large 20 horse field and the large number of once a yearuninformed playersbetting on horses that have NO chance of finishing in the top 4.

Yes, Always Dreaming (2017), Nyquist (2016), American Pharoah (2015), California Chrome (2014), Orb (2012), Animal Kingdom (2011), Super Saver (2010), Big Brown (2008), Street Sense (2007), Barbaro (2006), Giacomo (2005), Smarty Jones (2004), Funny Cide (2003), War Emblem (2002), Monarchos (2001) and Fusaichi Pegasus (200)

If you knew what this factor was, do you think you would have a MUCH BETTER chance in picking the Kentucky Derby Winner?

We are the ONLY handicapping service that publishes the results of our Picks year after year after year online, good, bad or indiffernt! You can see the results of our previous yearsKentucky Derby Picks by clicking here

This time of year there are moreuninformed, once a year players that bet on the names of horses, the number of the horse or the jockey that is wearing their favorite color of silks and sometimes the jockey or trainer that won last years Kentucky Derby!

The secret to cracking the Kentucky Derby puzzle is arming yourself with better information so that you can separate the Derby Pretenders from theDerby Contenders seriousand

a much better opportunity to cash-in on those BIG payouts!

What is important is that you have a proven, thought out method ofseparatingthe Contenders from the Pretenders so that you can wager on the biggest horse race in America with CONFIDENCE!

TheProven Winning Derby Profileconsists of the most critical FACTORS that have been found in Kentucky Derby winners over the past 28 years. These FACTORS prove themselves year-in and year-out to be the BEST method for ranking the Derby runners!

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